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Many items moved by United Van Lines / Armstrong Relocation Services and contracted with Kevin R. Pool CRP(certified relocation professional) at 3359 Bruening Ave SW, Canton, Ohio were broken and damaged.

The move was supposed to be done in two days but it took three. To expedite the moving process, most everything was boxed up and moved out of the side rooms and brought upstairs to the living room and out to the garage before the movers arrived. A week before moving day, we rented a 20’ U-Haul and took a load of belongings to our new home. The moving van was scheduled to arrive between 7:30 and 9 but showed up after noon. My two 12 year olds and I assisted by bringing things out to the truck. Despite all of the extra work by us, the movers still required an extra day to get loaded, so we had to pay for an additional night in a hotel.

Not everything we requested to be taken was loaded on board and several gallons of paint that I requested to be left behind managed to find its way onto the truck. I stumbled upon two empty boxes that they taped closed and tagged to go. A computer desk never made it upstairs. They broke it trying to force it up the stairway. The lead man for the moving team told me that we should just put the desk to the curb as trash and that he would tell United Van Lines that he had busted it while trying to move it. I called the office the day it happened and was told by both Amy Paul and Kevin Pool that I would have to file a claim on it. They did not question that it happened or request pictures or confirmation of the damage on that Monday or before that Thursday when the garbage truck hauled it away. They told me I would have to fill out the paperwork for the claim but never told me that I would have to save everything that they damaged for inspection by them. The desk had already been inventoried as going on the truck. From the time I told them about the desk until the day they denied my claim as ‘no evidence’ of the desk for them to see, they assured me that they would pay to replace the desk as part of the claims process.

On the third day, the driver told me that his boss said his rig was the only one available to pick up another job nearby, and he didn’t have time to stay and finish loading our belongings. In order to pick up the items that the movers left behind, I had to take time off work and make additional 6-hour round trip visits to town.

Unloading went as well. The movers were supposed to unload the truck between 7:30 and 9 in the morning. We received a call from the driver about 9 saying he was a half hour away and that he needed to pick up workers on the west end of town which is over 15 minutes away. So once again, in the interest of getting the job done in a timely fashion, I volunteered to go pick them up so that they could be waiting when the truck would arrive.

Most of the load needed to go downstairs but they spread the stuff out and then said there was no more room to take things downstairs. I was able to make room as they brought things downstairs just by moving things around in one row. If they had made half an effort to place things closer than a foot apart, then there would have been plenty of room to put things without needing me to rearrange things.

As furniture for the ground floor was brought in, my son pointed out that our pristine antique ‘North Wind’ chair was split in two. They weren’t going to mention it, even though the top half was swinging in the breeze. One of a set of two bookcases was busted because someone thought that it would support the weight of a rollaway toolbox full of tools. A plastic deck box didn’t carry as much weight as they expected either as evidenced by the bottom falling out of it. I still haven’t figured out how they pulled off the front of a desk drawer. As they reassembled the couch, they couldn’t find the bolts for the bottom rails. I found them a couple of months later in a cardboard tube meant to protect a piece of art that I have had for forty years. Needless to say, the paper was torn.

At the end of the day, when I refused to sign the manifest which stated that there was no damage, the driver forged my initials.

In the end, United Van Lines didn’t offer an apology or pay for a fraction of the damage that they caused.

They turned the joy of moving into a new home into a nightmare. I spent months going through their claim process. They passed me from one person to the next over five times and repeatedly needed more time to do their part of the claim process. They ignored multiple phone calls and emails for weeks at a time. I had to have someone else in the company call them and request that they respond. They wanted me to show receipts for items that I have had for years or that were hand made. I had to wait for someone to come out and look at everything that was damaged and then let them try to fix them. Furniture that has been scratched still looks scratched after you color in the scratches. Things that they damaged were in the way until the claims process was over because I wasn’t allowed to get rid of anything even if it was totally destroyed.

I finally heard from the president of Armstrong Relocation Service (United Van Lines), Carl Campbell, when I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. His level of interest in conducting business is evident in his response as he denies having any responsibility for the damage that his business caused and instead makes a personal attack. He quotes the ‘inspection’ firm that was initially supposed to make repairs as saying that I was difficult to work with and that nothing would please me. He took offense when I told him I don’t think that gluing my chair is going to bring it back to its original condition. He argued that restoring broken pieces make them more valuable and authentic. It looks like a high school kid fixed it. The line where it was broken and glued together is very obvious. But Carl seems oblivious to the fact that he became seriously ill and another firm was called to make the repairs and recommendations for settlement. Carl ignores that his company damaged my property. He doesn’t apologize for the damages or make any effort to work out a fair agreement. Instead he makes a personal attack against me.

I would highly recommend steering clear of letting United Van Lines and Armstrong Relocation Services work for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Van Lines Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

United Van Lines Cons: Service and customer service.

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